Curriculum Coordinator

We believe that a rigorous and challenging curriculum is the core of significant learning. The ASD curriculum development is supported by the pillars of 21st century skills which are essential to well prepared and functional global citizens. We recognize that academic excellence includes content knowledge which is infused with an emphasis on critical thinking, analytical skills, application, and evaluation. Furthermore, our curriculum program develops skills and habits which promote citizenship, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Our curriculum is based on both national and international standards; the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), the Common Core, NGSS and Aero standards. We ensure that our curriculum undergoes diligent revision in order to impact student learning, thereby providing meaningful and real life content, which captivates our students’ interest in each subject area.

Our teachers are constantly being trained through internal and external professional development which enables them to go beyond “covering the curriculum” to promote passion for student learning and application of important principles. They are at the helm of guiding students through this process of learning by promoting interactive classrooms where all lessons are designed to boost student engagement, thereby motivating them to harness their abilities and master the skills necessary to realize their goals. As rapid advances in knowledge, technology and skills become the determining factors in development, the curriculum coordinator is tasked with the continuous evaluation, revision and development of an ASD curriculum that gives our students a competitive advantage in today's global village.

Dalia Jeniel Joseph has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in International Relations, and Cambridge certification in teaching English as a Second Language. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration

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