ASD Celebrating Young Writers

Congratulations to the winner of the Autumn English Essay Writing Contest!!

Contestants wrote essays on the theme of "Why I am Thankful" I am very thankful to be a part of a learning community where faculty and students understand the value of developing writing skills. Special thanks to ASD Faculty Erric Brown (organizer), Joanna Langton, and Anthony Arena

Congratulations to the following student writers: Alejandra Borda, Amberlin Nweh Bujdud, Andrea Chavez, Delta Martinez, Heidi Covarrubius, Jose Alonso Castro, Julian Menaut Diaz, Miguel Alejandro, Paulina Najera, Renata Vazquez, Stephanie Garcia Ferman, Valeria Espinosa Minjares, Iahn Yarleth Garcia Schroeder, Pablo Galindo Regalado, Sara Daniela Peña Salas, Aneli Zepeda, Jorge Armando Maa Silerio

Troy Fillman
General Director