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Elementary Duties and Objectives:

ASD is looking for Elementary teachers who monitor student activities and ensure the safety of every student in the classroom and school grounds. The Elementary teacher will develop lesson plans with clear objectives, assessments, and activities that will stimulate and motivate students. The teacher creates learning opportunities centered around the academic, social, and physical growth in a way that promotes the development of each child, including a variety of assessments to determine the strengths of each child in core areas of learning. The Elementary teacher will work collaboratively with colleagues to align planning and coherent learning experiences, as well as administer and analyze assessment data (internal and external MAP data) to ensure that learning is taking place and students are receiving constructive and timely feedback. The expert teacher accommodates different learning styles and varied instructional methodology, in particular for our ESL population and students who require accommodations. All ASD teachers communicate regularly with parents with concerns and encouragement. The elementary teacher has the following professional responsibilities:

Relationships, Rapport, and Classroom Environment

      ● Act as a positive role model for students
      ● Provide a safe, supportive, and engaging classroom environment that is conducive to learning
      ● Know your students as individual learners that bring an array of talents, ideas, and perspectives to the classroom
      ● Work in concert with colleagues

Class Instruction, Assessments, and Grading

      ● Effectively manage each group of students while providing for a variety of learning preferences, ability levels, readiness, and educational background.
      ● Utilize developmentally appropriate practices in structuring classroom routines and relaying content and skills during instruction
      ● Provide engaging learning experiences for students in an inclusive setting that uses Bloom's Taxonomy to foster higher level thinking, problem solving and analytical skills that apply in and beyond the classroom
      ● Engage with students in meaningful activities beyond the classroom which extend learning experiences for students (coaching, organizing field trips, sponsorship of clubs, events, or community service projects, etc.)
      ● Utilize technology (computer, video, internet, etc.) as appropriate to enhance instruction.
      ● Individualize the content when necessary to meet each student's learning needs.

Unit Planning and Designing Learning Experiences

      ● Plan and prepare throughout the year for effective instruction within the classroom.
      ● Contribute as a collaborative team member in the development of cohesive, standards-driven curriculum materials and the establishment of instructional goals.
      ● Work with colleagues and curriculum coordinator to plan high quality Unit and Lesson plans.
      ● Use data from assessments, observations and standardized exams to drive instructions.

Reflective Practitioner and Growth Mindset

      ● Keep current in education through personal and school based professional learning
      ● Engage with leadership in a committed effort to improve one's own instructional skills.


      ● Engage parents and students in the learning process through frequent and meaningful communication about student progress.
      ● Provide timely and constructive feedback to parents and students with actionable plans for growth

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