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Early Childhood Duties and Objectives:

The Early Childhood Teacher will provide a caring, nurturing, and safe environment both indoor and outdoor spaces in order to facilitate creative play, learning and motor-skill activities. Working collaboratively with teaching assistants, the educator will also assume the following duties:

      ● Plan, carry out, and assess developmentally appropriate activities and experiences that reflect the schools mission and vision.
      ●Provide and ensure a daily balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, and individual/group activities .
      ● Establish and carry out a daily activity schedule that incorporates child directed activity, care routines and transition times
      ● Organize space, equipment and materials before activities begin.
      ● Assist and encourage children to express themselves appropriately.
      ● Use a variety of teaching techniques including modelling, observing, questioning, demonstrating, and reinforcing .
      ● Ensure children's safety at all times, for example, by ensuring supervision during drop off and pick up times and continually monitoring the classroom space and environment
      ● Provide opportunities for child-directed play experiences
      ● Provide experiences and play materials that actively promote diversity and acceptance in interactions and attitudes.
      ● Assist children in developing the necessary coping skills for addressing certain life issues
      ● Use data from assessments such as CPAA to drive instruction.

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