Athletic Director

Our philosophy in the Athletic Department is to provide an opportunity for all our students to participate in sports in order to develop athletic ability, character, teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and respect. We promote a winning attitude within the framework of participation, sportsmanship, leadership, and other values which will remain for a lifetime. Our athletes and coaches have the responsibility to uphold ASD values at practices, games, and regional tournaments. It is important to note, too, that school athletes are “students first” therefore we will follow academic eligibility requirements.

Also, it is an ASD expectation that parents reinforce ASD standards by being role models in how they conduct themselves with referees, opposing teams, and in conversations with your child and the coach. The unrelenting support of parents is central to generating enthusiasm, energy, and good sportsmanship in our student-athletes.

Active Living Begins in Early Childhood and Elementary

In Early Childhood we offer after school activities in Tae Kwon Do and basketball. ASD believes that the purpose of athletics is to teach children sportsmanship and give them the opportunity to play both on a team and as an individual, as well as to build skill - all while having fun! Young children need to learn to use their bodies through both gross and fine motor skills. Elementary students continue to have opportunities in after school activities and begin to transition to some team sports and games. We will not promote the idea of “winning” or “losing” at any level in EC or Elementary. We will focus on the student learning to enjoy athletics and being a member of a team.

Middle School and High School Competitions

Students participate in tournaments in Durango and in Mexico with ASOMEX. ASD participates in basketball, football, and MS Sports Festival. As opportunities arise and ASOMEX evolves we may also participate in tennis, swimming, or golf. Consistent with our philosophy, there will be an emphasis on developing skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship over winning. When we travel to ASOMEX events we will travel by bus (in daylight hours as much as possible) and stay in hotels with four athletes to a room. Travel to ASOMEX events also means that students will often miss several days of school, therefore the student-athlete has the added responsibility to ensure that they communicate with teachers to ensure that all work is completed in a timely manner.

In brief, we have five objectives in our Sports Program:

    1. Promote sports activity to develop skills, body coordination, commitment to training, teamwork, acceptance of failure as an opportunity to grow.
    2. Foster in the student the formation of habits, attitudes and values that promote self-discipline through the systematic practice of physical activities with formative purposes of the competition that allows each student to enjoy a healthy and productive life.
    3. Strengthen the bonds of friendship and solidarity between the students, teachers and parents of the institution and with other institutions at the local, state and national levels.
    4. Recognize that our athletes are “students first” and they have a responsibility to maintain good academic grades and to ensure that they prioritize their academic commitments.
    5. All members of our community have a collective responsibility to uphold the virtues of teamwork, determination, integrity and sportsmanship

We look forward to a great season – GO HAWKS


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