Elementary School

In the Elementary years, students continue to develop academically, and also begin the journey to becoming more engaged and independent learners. On behalf of our Elementary team of teachers and support staff, I look forward to working with you to ensure that all of our students achieve academic and social success. The future of our children is entrenched in a strong elementary program that fosters critical thinking, innovation, problem solving, compassion, and develops the ability to adapt, change and grow in a rapidly changing world. During the Elementary years, we work on constructing the foundation content and skills necessary to navigate through a learning program that is bilingual, multicultural, diverse, inclusive, and intensive.


The ASD program offers four co-curricular subjects: Physical Education, Technology, Art and Music. Our sports co-curricular program offers a wide range of opportunities and options that prepare students to compete at the highest level at both the state and national levels. In addition, our co-curricular art program, supervised by experts in the field, provides opportunities to develop the artistic interests of our students. We strongly believe that our co-curricular and extra-curricular programs enrich our academic program and offer our students a unique and balanced opportunity to achieve their goals.


Teachers impact student learning and success. Great teaching can inspire and sustain a student for many years, even a lifetime. Our caring and dedicated faculty encourages students to learn from mistakes, embrace learning challenges, and to collaborate with peers in an environment that promotes the success of each student. The foundation of our curriculum is the American Common Core standards that form a vertical pathway to success at ASD and to college and career.


Education is a continual process of reimagining and refining a vision of who we are as individuals and how we relate to one another. The communication between teachers, students and parents is an essential component of education. We will report regularly on the academic, social, and physical development of your child, and invite you to provide us with as much information as possible so that we can reach our common goal of ensuring the learning success of your child.


During and after school we offer students a broad range of opportunities to express creativity, performance, athletics and inclusion. We believe in finding and developing every student’s unique talents. A strong sense of community with an emphasis on the arts, sports and a social curriculum reinforces our rigorous academic goals.


This promises to be an exciting year at ASD and we look forward to a journey that focuses on the academic and social growth of each student.


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